Happy birthday Grand Duchess Anastasia…



    Today is Anastasia’s birthday! Born 18th (o.s. 5th) June 1901 to Nicholas II and his wife, Alexandra at Peterhof, Russia. The youngest daughter out of the five children born. Happy Birthday Anastasia!




    Happy 111th Birthday to Grand Duchess Anastasia Nikolaevna of Russia. She was born on June 18th, 1901 at Peterhof Palace in Peterhof Russia. To her family she was known as shvibzik (the Russian name for Imp).

    She was an interesting character, that’s for sure. Nastya was the family trickster and would play to and be nasty “the point of being evil” as her cousin Princess Nina Georgievna once said.

    Gleb Botkin once stated that “She undoubtedly held the record for punishable deeds in her family, for in naughtiness she was a true genius.” When WW1 broke out, she and her elder sister Maria would visit the wounded soldiers in the hospital. Anastasia had her own regiment in the army but unfortunate, no photos of her in uniform are known to exist.

    Anastasia is the most famous Romanov due to claims of women being her after her brutal murder in 1918 when she was just 17 years old. She was a beautiful young lady, a good sister and a wonderful person. Happy Birthday, Anastasia!




    Source: Alexander Palace Time Machine Forum



    OTMA and papa…




    Grand Duchesses Maria, Anastasia and Olga with their mother Alexandra Feodorovna.



    Romanovs in the winter…



    Olga Nikolaevna…



    OTMAA and Nicky…


    happy 115th birthday grand duchess Tatiana Nikolaevna…




    115th birthday: HIH Grand Duchess Tatiana of Russia



    OTMA and Alix…




    Cherbourg visit, 1909.




    The Tsarevich, Grand Duchesses, Anastasia, Maria, Tatiana, and Olga with some sailors aboard the Standart, 1906.



    Little Alix of hesse…

    …Happy birthday Alix






    Alix of Hesse // June 6h, 1872.




    Maria and Olga.




    OTMA with their aunt Olga and grandmother Maria.













    Romanov family album



    Maria ,Anastasia ,Olga ,Nicolau ,Tatiana and Alexandra Romanov…









    Grand Duchesses Tatiana and Maria dressed for a play, c. 1912

    The photographs were taken from a documentary, hence the poor quality.

    Oh my GOODNESS! These are amazing. Wow….Tatiana looks like some goddess of some sort in that costume and Maria, a princess. Thanks for uploading these!





    Happy birthday Tatiana Nikolaevna (29/05/1898 in orthodox calendary)




    Today, it is the O.s date of Grand Duchess Tatiana’s birthday! Born May 29th (o.s)/10th June 1897 to Tsar Nicholas II and his wife Tsarina Alexandra!

    Happy birthday Tatiana!






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    Olga ,Maria ,Tatiana and Alexandra …

    … I think it’s in 1914 because of the short’s tatiana hair



    OTMAA in Germany - 1910 …




    The Romanov Family’s Alphabet - H is for Hat.




    Grand Duchesses Tatiana, Olga and Maria with Alexandra Feodorovna: 1908.




    The Romanov Family’s Alphabet - G is for Gap teeth.




    Tercentenary Parade

    Nicholas II, Alexandra and Tsarevitch Alexeï during the tercentenary procession at Kremlin follow by Tatiana with the Grand Duke Cyrille Wladimirovitch, Maria with the Grand Duke Boris Wladimirovitch and Anastasia with the Grand Duke Dimitri Pavlovitch. (Olga and the Grand Duke Michael are cut by the footage)



    Anastasia and Alexei …



    Tatiana and Anastasia in the winter …



    Anastasia and Maria, 1916.


    Tatiana ,Maria and Olga …



    Alix and Alyosha



    The Romanov Family’s Alphabet - F is for Finland.

    For summer holidays on their yacht, the Imperial Family would often journey to the Finnish skerries. They would play tennis, have picnics in the open air, swim in the sea, and take photographs of each other.

    “The Emperor,” remembered Sophie Buxhoeveden, “would go to shore with the gentlemen of his suite to walk or play tennis on a rather primitive court, and in autumn there was generally some shooting, in which the officers of the yacht joined. The young Grand Duchesses sometimes went about with their father, replacing their mother, while the little Tsarevich played with the ship’s boys on the rocky beach. It was a healthy life for the young people and the bracing air of Finland did them all good.”


    OTMA on Standard …


    The big pair …

    … Olga and Tatiana


    Tatiana ,Maria ,Anastasia and Olga in carriage with nannies …



    The Romanov Family’s Alphabet - D is for Dresses.



    The Romanov Family’s Alphabet - C is for Camera.

    There was a real explosion of photography in Russia around 1900 when the Kodak Brownie camera (originating from Rochester, New York, United States) made its appearance. Tsar Nicholas II and his family were great collectors of photographs. Pictures were carefully pasted in big albums, many of them green and stamped with gold crowns. These albums were all over the private quarters of the family, but many of them were kept stacked up on the ledge of the balcony of his New Study in the Alexander Palace. In dozens and dozens of volumes they covered his entire life from childhood right up to his exile to Siberia in 1917.



    Grand Duchesses Maria, Tatiana, and Olga aboard the Standart: 1908.








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