The Romanov Family’s Alphabet - U is for Umbrella.




    The Romanov Family’s Alphabet - U is for Umbrella.




    ♦ — Empress Alexandra and The Charity Bazaar

    The climate of the Crimea was ideal for tubercular patients, and from her early married life the Empress had taken the deepest interest in the many hospitals and sanatoria which nestled among the hills, some of them almost within the confines of the Imperial estate. The Empress, out of her own private fortune, built and equped new and improved hospitals.

    One of each summer’s activities, chen the family visited the Crimea, was a bazzar or other entertainment for the benefit of the care of those patients too poor to pay for the best food and nursing. From the opening day the Empress always presided over her own table, disposing of fine needlework, embroidery and art objects with energy and enthusiasm. The crowds at her booth were enormous, the people pressing forward almost frenziedly to touch her hand, her sleeve, her dress. The great mass of the Russian people loved and were loyal to their sovereigns. No one who knew them at all can ever forget that. Anna Vyroubova

    We had drawn large white tent, and I found myself close to the Tsarevitch, he was a very mischievous child. There was a lottery, it is he who should take the prizes into bags for the winner. Trying to catch with his hands and saying: ” There is nothing, I see nothing “ while the bags were full of prizes Or : ” Olalala it’s so heavy, I can not catch it “ to make fun of an old gentlemen to whom he eventually stretch a bottle of champagne.Dimitri Likhachev




    OTMA with Anya




    The Romanov Family’s Alphabet - T is for Train.

    The Imperial Train had been used by the Imperial Family to travel by land. The abdication of Nicholas II, one of the most momentous events in the history of Russia, took place in an unusual situation and in a casual place. The carriages of the train, where the abdication was signed, became the mute witnesses of the tragedy of Russia.

    There was an accident involving one of the imperial trains in 1888. Nicky’s father, Tsar Alexander III, and his family was en route from Crimea to Saint Petersburg. The family had been riding toward Kharkov in the imperial train at a high speed when it crashed near the town of Borki, jumping the rails and causing the roof to collapse into the dining car where the family was eating lunch. Though unhurt, they were pinned to the ground, and strong Alexander, struggling through a narrow space on the floor of the carriage, lifted the iron roof on his shoulders and held there until everyone had crawled to safety. The strain was thought to have permanently damaged his vital. It was said this caused his early death 6 years later.

    After the crash, Alexander ordered two new trains to be built, one for trips aboard and one for within Russia. This accident had always been strong in Nicky’s mind. So whenever the train carrying his wife and children was going too fast, he would tell the train conductors to slow down.



    Olga and Tatiana in Standard …




    The Romanov Family’s Alphabet - S is for Silliness.




    Alexandra and the girls attending the unveiling of the monument to Tsar Peter the Great in Riga, 1910.



    Large version of Tatiana’s formal …






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