The Romanov Family’s Alphabet v.2 - E is for Eyes.

    Most of the Romanov Members had blue eyes, especially the Last Imperial Family. Alix had light blue eyes, while Nicholas had dark blue eyes. The children had different colors of blue. Olga’s eyes were blue, while Tatiana had dark grey eyes. Maria’s were deep blue, and they were nicknamed “Marie’s saucers” by various royal cousins, because of the size. Anastasia and Alexei, of course, had blue eyes. Some of the other Romanovs had brown eyes, most notably the Empress Dowager Maria Feodorovna and Peter the Great.




    The Grand Duchesses dancing

    At the beginning of the summer of 1914 the Imperial Yacht “Standats” started its traditional annual cruise, this will be the last quiet holiday to Nicholas and Alexandra before the start of the First World War. The Grand Duchesses dancing on the deck of Standart with officers of the Imperial Yacht.



    Tatiana Nikolaevna in Livadia …



    Olga Nikolaevna in Livadia …



    Special : Maria and Anastasia - The little pair



    Special : Olga and tatiana Romanov - The big pair




    Alix trying to wrangle the children for a photo: 1906.




    The Romanov Family’s Alphabet v.2 - D is for Divans.

    Divan - a large couch usually without back or arms.



    The Romanov family in the Standart …



    Maria and Anastasia in Hospital in Tsarskoe Selo (probably)






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