Coronation uniform coat, 1896.

    The Coronation of Nicholas II, 1896 ‘And what a glorious day it was – a cloudless sky with hardly breeze enough to stir a leaf, while the hot sun poured upon the many gilded cupolas of Moscow and the Kremlin till they gleamed like fire.’ Even the weather played its part perfectly for the coronation of Nicholas II, according to The Times newspaper correspondent. Given a privileged seat for a good view, he described it as ‘certainly the most gorgeous and perhaps the most impressive ceremony that I have ever witnessed’.

    Nicholas II was the last emperor to succeed to the throne and his coronation in 1896 was the last in Russian history. It was also exceptionally splendid, and because the regalia – the textiles, religious vestments and court livery – were preserved in the Moscow Armouries, they survived the upheaval of the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917. | The Moscow Kremlin Museum’s via V&A






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