The Romanov Family’s Alphabet v.2 - K is for Kindred.

    1. group of people related by blood or marriage
    2. related by blood or marriage; “kindred clans”

    Because of Britain’s Queen Victoria and her nine children, the last Imperial Family of Russia is related to almost every Royal Family in Europe. Their relatives include the Royal Families of Britain, Sweden, Germany, Norway, Romania, Spain, Denmark, and Greece.




    The Romanov Family’s Alphabet v.2 - J is for Joy and Jemmy.

    Tsarevich Alexei’s Springer Spaniel was named Joy, which Alexei had received during the early part of the War. Joy was the only living being known to have survived that night in Yekaterinburg. She was found wandering lost and forlorn around the yard of the house, crying for her master. Joy hid during the murder and when the bodies were taken out of the cellar room, he ran out into the streets of Ekaterinburg. Later, Joy was found in the home of an Ipatiex House guard, Michael Letemin.

    Jemmy was Grand Duchess Anastasia’s King Charles spaniel (some say the dog was actually Tatiana’s). Jemmy, unfortunately, did not survive the night. He was in Anastasia’s arms when the shooting began, and the dog’s skeleton was found along with his masters. Joy ended her days on a farm near Windsor and was buried somewhere in England.



    Maria ,Anastasia ,Tatiana and Olga in one carriage …



    OTMA Romanov ,Nicolau ,Anna Vyrobosa and others …




    The Romanov Family’s Alphabet v.2 - I is for Ice.

    In the wintertime, the Romanovs often skated on the frozen pond outside of their palace. Once every year when Spring came, they would break the ice apart and clean up the ice and snow off the paths to prevent excessive water.



    Maria and Anastasia in 1915 …



    Anastasia and Maria in Livadia …




    The Romanov Family’s Alphabet v.2 - H is for Horses.




    The Romanov Family’s Alphabet v.2 - G is for Germany.

    The mother of the Last Imperial Children of Russia was born in the German Empire. Empress Alexandra Feodorovna of Russia was formerly Princess Alix of Hesse and by Rhine, a Grand Duchy that was then part of the German Empire. The family would often visit their family relatives and cousins in Germany. In 1914, all of this changed.

    The outbreak of World War I was a pivotal moment for Russia and Alexandra. The war pitted the Russian Empire of the Romanov dynasty against the much stronger German Empire of the Hohenzollern dynasty. When Alexandra learned of the Russian mobilization, she stormed into her husband’s study and said: “War! And I know nothing of it! This is the end of everything.” Both Russian and German Empires were abolished by the end of the War.



    OTMA Romanov on Standard …








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