Like their mother, the girls were addicted to perfumes and were quite devoted to the brand Coty, each preferring their own unique scent. Olga was partial to “The Rose” whilst Tatiana preferred “Jasmine de Corse.” Marie tried several different perfumes throughout her life, but always came back to “Lilas,” and Anastasia never deviated from “Violette.”

    Above is the sample box of perfume from Coty that the girls were thought to have had. It allowed them to test out all the Coty scents and choose their favorites. On the right is a closer image of one of the bottles, this one being “Lilas,” or Grand Duchess Maria’s favorite scent.

    These scents, according to Coty, are discontinued.

    “Thank you for asking about Coty Vintage fragrances. We’re sorry to disappoint you, but these products have been discontinued. Unfortunately there are no current plans to reintroduce these products and all warehouse inventory has been depleted. In addition, the recipe for these fragrances is propitiatory information to the Coty brand. Our decision to stop making a product is based on market trends. While we would like to be able to keep everyone’s favorites, it’s just not possible.”






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