by the Imperial Porcelain Factory St Petersburg Russia

    Антикварный Русский Императорский Фарфор


    Antique porcelain cup and saucer from the Russian Imperial palace Livadia for sale


    Antique Russian Porcelain Tea Cup and Saucer


    from the Imperial Livadia Palace of Czar Alexander III






    Russian Porcelain Cabinet Plates c. 1840


    A Pair of Floral Porcelain Plates c.1840


    Imperial Factory, Tsar Nicholas I




    19th century antique porcelain platter from the Mikhailovsky palace service of Russian Grand Duke Michael Pavlovich


    Antique Porcelain Platter


    from the Mikhailovsky Palace Service


    Russian Antique Porcelain Cup and Saucer by Kuznetsov Factory made for Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna sister of Tsar Nicholas II


    Grand Duchess Xenia Alexandrovna


    Porcelain Cup and Saucer




    Alexander II Cup and Saucer in Russian Style


    Antique Porcelain Cup and Saucer


    in Neo-Russian Style, Tsar Alexander II






    Russian Imperial Porcelain Floral Plate, 1825-1855


    Antique Russian Porcelain Floral Plate


    Tsar Nicholas I




    Kremlin Service Antique Russian Porcelain Tazza


    Antique Gilded Porcelain Tazza


    The Grand Kremlin Palace Service


    Tsar Alexander II




    Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna 18 Wedding Porcelain Plates


    Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna


    Wedding Service Porcelain Plates 1901




    Czarevich Alexander Porcelain Plate, c.1870


    Palace Service Porcelain Plate


    Czarevich Alexander Alexandrovich






    Sevres Armorial Porcelain 1793 from the Prince Baratyansky service


    Antique Sevres Armorial Porcelain 1793


    Cups and Saucers




    Russian Imperial porcelain plate, Nicholas II


    Tsar Nicholas II Private Service Plate


    by the Imperial Porcelain Factory




    Russian porcelain beaker for cossacks


    Czarevich Alexei Beaker for Cossacks


    The 1st Caucasian Cossack Division




    Czarevich Alexei Beaker for Cossacks


    Czarevich Alexei Award Beaker for Cossacks


    For valiant and intrepid slashing


    Porcelain Easter Egg with Archangel Gabriel, Antique Russian Imperial eggs


    Antique Russian Porcelain Easter Egg


    Archangel Gabriel




    Antique Porcelain Topographical Plate painted with a view of the Peterhof Palace, Russian Imperial Factory, Tsar Nicholas I period


    Antique Topographical Porcelain Plate


    The Peterhof Palace






    antique porcelain topographical cabinet plates for sale


    A Pair of Antique Porcelain Topographical Plates


    Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory 1913




    Russian Imperial yacht Standart antique porcelain egg cup Nicholas II 1910


    Russian Antique Porcelain Egg Cup


    Tsar Nicholas II Private Yacht The Standard




    Peterhof palace antique Russian Imperial porcelain cup and saucer for sale


    Peterhof Palace


    Porcelain Cup and Saucer






    Antique hand painted porcelain plate from the service of Russian Imperial yacht


    Antique 19th Century Porcelain Plate


    Russian Imperial Yacht Derzhava Service




    Antique 19th century Russian Imperial porcelain factory military plate for sale


    Russian Porcelain Military Plate 1882




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