Porcelain Plate from the Private Service of Czar Nicholas II

    The center is decorated with monogram 'HA' for Nicholas Alexandrovich (Nicholas II), beneath Russian Imperial crown,
    made at the Imperial Porcelain Factory in St. Petersburg in 1899.

    Russian tsar Nicholas II porcelain plate 1899

    The interlaced letters 'H' 'A', and the crown are etched for texture.

    Tsar Nicholas II cypher
    Polished and matte gilding.

    Russian Imperial Porcelain Factory mark 1899
    Green factory mark in the form of Nicholas II cipher and date '1899'

    Tsar Nicholas II plate 1899
    Condition: a tiny rim chip (shown above), otherwise excellent.

    Czar Nicholas II private service porcelain plate 1899


    A pair of this service plates from the Piper collection are published in At The Tsar's Table (page 36)

    Russian Imperial Porcelain Collection



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