Antique Russian Imperial porcelain cup and saucer from the Peterhof palace for sale




     Antique Russian Imperial Porcelain Cup And Saucer

    from the Banquet service of the Peterhof palace near St Petersburg

    both pieces are painted with a gold cipher of Tsarevich Alexander

    made at the Imperial porcelain factory during the reign of Tsar Alexander III

    diameter of the saucer 5 3/4 in. (14,5 cm)

    height of the cup 2 in. (5,3 cm)

    Condition: no chips, no cracks, no restoration, s
    ome very minor signs of wear on the saucer, the cup is perfect.

    Antique porcelain from palaces of the Russian Tsars for sale
    The cup is marked under base with a green cipher of Czar Alexander III and date (18) 90.

    Antique heavily gilded porcelain cup and saucer for sale

    The saucer is dated (1889)








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