• photos de captivité à Tobolsk


    certains rouleaux de Kodak film ont été trouvés

    dans les poêles de la maison Popov


    La force de garde de Tobolsk était composée d'hommes des régiments de fusiliers de la garde 1er, 2e et 4e.


    Le fusil de gardes Brigade se composait de 4 régiments de fusiliers de la garde numérotés de 1 à 4 chaque 2 bataillons.


    Dans le livre « Nicolas et Alexandra ils appellent leurs « tireur d'élite gardes régiments. Je crois que les termes Sharpshooter et fusil/carabinier sont à peu près la même chose dans certaines armées européennes.


    Il faut faire souvenir à l'ordre numéro 1, qui a détruit la disicpline dans l'armée russe, le Colonel Kobylivsky n'avaient pas de contrôle sur ses troupes.


    C'était une réunion du Conseil des hommes du 2e régiment de fusiliers qui interdisent les officiers portent des épaulettes et pogani soldats.


    Je crois que c'était en février 1918 est quand Nicholas a été obligé d'arrêter son port.


    N'importe quelle photo en plein air de lui au cours de cette période avec lui qui les portaient donc avant cette date.




    la peinture de Yakovlev avec NAM. Je crois que j'ai lu quelque part que Alexandra et maria ont été usure agneau manteaux au cours de ce voyage.


    Aussi, on dirait que c'est maria portant un collier de perles ? et un chapeau de brimed. Je ne pense pas était coiffures vraiment convenable pour le voyage, qu'elle a traversé tout.



    Maria aussi je crois est sur la même hauteur que ses parents 5'7 "à cette époque.
     1er homme de photo sur l'extrême droite portant une épée est vêtue d'une tunique « Française » qui était populaire avec les officiers de l'armée russe pendant le WW je.


    Donc je pense qu'il est un officier.
     que le soldat avec l'épée est très probablement un officier, il semble qu'il est vêtu d'épaulettes.

    Voir le livre « L'armée russe 1914-1918 » Nik Cornish par balbuzard pour les détails d'uniforme et de l'organisation de l'armée russe



     These three photos have been chasing each other in my files for a long time. I finally have them together and thought they would be interesting to post. It's three photos of the GD's room at Tobolsk when they were three....the visible beds are Anastasia and Marie's...Olga and Tatiana's being opposite. I 'm posting the photos as a pan from left to right.


    Of course that is Anastasia at the table in the first one. It's touching how they tried to recreate AP here . Who wouldn't love to see clearly the photos on the walls ? In the last one we see what appears to be identical jackets on the chairs




    Sarushka's mention of Trewin's book made me look it up ( thank you! ) and the photo of the girl's room it has pans even more to the right than the ones I posted....shows the door way ... So I include it here .


    The Imperial eagle is on one of the pillows...plus a scan of the whole photo in the book














    In the first photo, Nicholas's servant, Zhuravski, Prince D. AN , NA II and guard. Not sure what's going on in the 2nd photo...but there's the Tsar looking on ...also the recent post done on the scanner....I now see a GD behind Nicholas as well....so on either side of the shed...imo







      Re Reply # 287: As for the servant Zhuravski, he is identified twice in the Lyons' book on pp. 210 and 211. In both cases he is dressed the same (Russian shirt) and has no facial hair/glasses. He is specifically identified in photo # 139 as standing on the side of the Grand Duchess AN ("On either side of Anastasia, Prince Dolgoruki (wearing a cap) and Zhuravski." While I am not terribly conversant with the servant Zhuravski, I AM certain that Prince Dolgoruki IS correctly identified, thus I trust that then Zhuravski is correctly identified by virture of specific location (with Dolgoruki and Zhuravski on EITHER side of AN, not both on the SAME side, as it would be if you indicate the man with the axe) within the group and being named/identified as such in two different photos.
    For comparasion, have you other positively identified photos of "Zhuravski" wearing a beard/glasses and dressed "in a suit" that (he) "seemed to always wear"? Also you will note that OTHER palace servants are indicated in the "wood-cutting party" photo, which could potentially include the man with the axe.
    Regards, AP.


    My understanding is the man in the suit with an axe on AN's right side is Zhuravski . I've seen it elsewhere and can't remember now where ( of course, just when I need to) But my main point is that man doesn't seem to be the same fellow as the man in the 2nd photo I posted with NA even though both are identified in Lyon's book as Zhuravski ....in truth either one could be Zhuravski. My point is they don't look like the same man to me . One has glasses and a beard...the other has no glasses and just a mustache. How Prince Dolgoruki got into this discussion I'm not sure...of course that is Count Fredrick's stepson, Prince Dolgoruki next to and slightly behind AN. I called him Prince D. in my first post . Are you saying because the book is right about the Prince, it can't be wrong about Zhuravski? That's an interesting approach to photo captions ! lol! =)


     Re Post # 289: Hello, again! You write: "My understanding is that the man in the suit.......is Zhuravski." "Understanding" based on what, specifically? Hopefully, you will soon be able to recall the source of your "understanding," as I would be interested, and would gladly stand corrected based upon proven documentation.
    I most definitely agree that the "man in the suit" is NOT the man pictured in the photo of the Emperor and the man that Marvin Lyons identifies (twice) as the servant "Zhuravski." Please refer to your post and look at the first and second photos of the individual labelled " Zhuravski." The features of the face (ie. nose, hairline, etc., and as to a "moustache" in the second photo, I believe it to be a shadow), IMO are the same, with the photos taken perhaps minutes/hours apart. Not at all like the "Axeman," who is NOT identified by name.
    Until positive, labeled, and source-documented photo/photos are produced on behalf of the "Axeman" being "Zhuravski," then in the clear absence of such, IMO Lyons has identified the servant Zhuarvsiki two separate times. Again, I would note that Lyons clearly states that Prince Dolgoruki and Zhuravski individually flank the GD AN on EITHER side (of her). If you were to consider "The Axeman" as truly "Zhuravski," then BOTH he and Prince Dolgoruki are on the SAME side of her, ie. to her right, NOT on EITHER side. (This, by the way, is "How Prince Dolgoruki got into this conversation....," as a pivotal placement-marker, if you will.) Consequently, I look forward to your (or others) posting/s of pictures documented as "Zhuravski," so that correct comparasions can truly be drawn.
    Many thanks for your observations/opinions! AP.








    Here is a photo that could be taken at that time or near it. In the book, The Romanovs Love power and Tragedy, on page 299 this photo appears. It identifies the sailor as Nagorny, which makes sense. It seems Nicholas is checking to see if the garden bed he dug is straight....Nagorny has string in his hands and string was used in the earlier photo. The book identifies the man behind N II as Prince Dolgorukov....since the man has a sword, and is therefore armed, I'm not sure. Countess Hendrikova is in the background looking for something it seems . We see her in the same outfit speaking with Olga in the garden resting photo with Olga, Alexis Anastasia and Tatiana






    I'm sure this had been noticed and discussed before but, while looking at a photo of the Tsar and Gillard ( it was his turn! ) cutting wood in Tobolsk, , I noticed a figure on the balcony above the main entrance . Seems like a GD going inside, who is glancing at the scene below as she does


      Hello, "nena"! I think the photo to which you refer (of the Emperor in a robe being shown sitting near a bed in a wheel-chair) is illustrated as the final photo in Marvin Lyons' book, "Nicholas II, The Last Tsar," St. Martin's Press, New York, NY, USA, 1974. It is on unnumbered page 217 and as numbered illustration # 356, but oddly it does not have a description (thus no location is given). The "Picture Sources" on page # 224 give credit to an "E. Uhlenhuth", potentially from the collection of "Princess Eugenie of Greece."


    Interestingly, in close proximity to # 356, this "Uhlenhuth" is also given credit to illustration # 354, "One of the guards" at Tobolsk, as well as #352, "Tatiana and an unidentified child," again at Tobolsk.
    As to the location shown in the interior photograph of the Emperor in the wheelchair, I am not conversant enough with the different wall-papers, curtains, etc. of the various locations in which the Emperor would have been, to comment further. Regards, AP.







    Olga et le Tsar Nicolas, en train de couper du bois à Tobolsk.
    Par Peter Kurth livre « Tsar » 



    Prise à Tsarskoïe Selo, au printemps et l'été de 1917  



    Here is the famous photo nena speaks of showing Alix and the Big Pair on the balcony. Note the parasol.
    This is the best copy of it I have seen. It was doctored pretty heavy early on . The girls are fairly bald still
    as they are wearing tight head scarfs

    To me the guard appears both armed and at attention.

    The weather stayed warm a long time that year. 









































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