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    The Imperial Romanov's Family's Silver Scroll. Made by Peter Ovchinnikov, one of the most famous Imperial Russia silversmiths. Circa 1913, 32" x 16", 35lb. Private Collection, the scroll belongs to a family member of the Romanov Dynasty.

    Representing 300 years of the Romanov’s dynasty with the Byzantine two headed eagle on the left and the Russian Imperial two headed eagle on the right. Three Lat...
    in letters "C" Represent 300 years 1613-1913 of the Romanov’s dynasty. There are the initials of last Czar of Russia Nicolas II, made of Silver with dark blue translucent enamel and placed under Imperial Russian Crown emblem. Emblem is made in gold, platinum, enamel and precious stones. Numbers representing years 1613 and 1913 made in gold.
    A rare and important three-colour gold and guilloche enamel imperial presentation snuff-box.









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