• Lettre rare de la Tsarine ALEXANDRA.. à Tsarskoe Selo février 1914




    Rare A.L.S., Aleksandra, four pages, 8vo, Tsarskoe Selo (St. Petersburg), 6th/19th February 1914, to ‘Dearest Mary’, in English.


    Alix apologises for not having replied to her correspondent earlier about the bas-reliefs and returns a catalogue (no longer present), remarking ‘the models are charming & I have traced the two table ones & shall order them to be made in Crimean stone - terracotta would be ugly there - & there is an Italian (or Greek) not far from Yalta who can make such things & it will come cheeper (sic)’ The Empress continues to comment on the warm weather they have been experiencing although adds that she has been unwell since a christening, but is now recovered and planning to attend two weddings, one as ‘Mere d’Honneur of young Voronov (of the Shteinbergs) the bride is a sweet young Olga Kleinmichael the children & I like…’ VG





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