• Lettre de TSARINA ALEXANDRA à NICOLAS II, elle avait 20 ans....




    A letter addressed to Alexandra

    written by a 20 year-old Nicholas.

    2 April, 1889.

    Let’s get a digital translation, yes? :)


    Gatchina|Dearest Alix|185 (What?)

    April 2, 1889


    Thank you so muchfor your dear little letter,

    which was such an agreeable surprise to me.

    I just returned from town yesterday in the night,

    when it came.


    We also saw “Liegfried” with Ella[.]

    I like it so awfully of the goat the whole time.

    Please tell Eriny[sic] I shot my first bear today!

    I am sure you have heard from ??

    friend the old Count Cleyden(?) lately?

    With much love ever your loving Nicky.

    I love reading Romanov letters…just letters in general really.


    I wish people still wrote them :/





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