• Grande Duchesse, OLGA





    She inherited many traits of her father. To me she produced her own kindness, an enchanting impression all her own of a sweet, good Russian girl. She disliked domestic [activities]. She loved solitude and books. She was well-read. In general she was mature. It seemed to me that she, much more than all her family, knew her position and was aware of the danger of it. She cried terribly when her father and mother left Tobolsk. Maybe she knew something then. She strikes me with the impression of a person who has experienced something unfortunate. Sometimes she laughs and you feel that her laughter is from above, but there, deep down, she’s not at all funny, but sad. Just like her father, she was totally simple and affectionate, helpful and welcoming. She loved more than anyone else, it seems,Maria Nikolaevna.

    -Memoirs of Claudia Bitner about Olga in Tobolsk
    Translated by Elizabeth Smith for Romanov Russia Today




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