Only Original Antique FABERGE EGGS and Jewelry Made Before 1917 in Russia




    A SUPERB gold, guilloche enamel and diamond egg pendant by Carl Faberge,

    Imperial jeweler to the Tsars


    made in St. Petersburg between 1899 and 1903


    workmaster August Hollming




    Faberge miniature egg pendant antique
    Faberge nugget egg pendant

    Faberge antique egg pendant


    This egg is slightly bigger than most Faberge pendant eggs. The diamond also makes it heavier.


    faberge jeweled gold miniature egg antique

    Faberge gold egg charm

    Antique Faberge jewelled blue guilloche enamel and pearls Lily of the Valley locket
    Faberge lily of the valley
    antique enamel locket

    Faberge miniature egg for sale

    Deep strawberry red translucent enamel is of very fine quality. The egg is in excellent condition.

    Faberge two color guilloche enamel egg pendant



    Faberge antique brooch
    Faberge Tourmaline brooch


    The egg is set with a rose-cut diamond.


    Faberge Antique Moss Agate Brooch
    Faberge Moss Agate brooch








    Faberge pendant

    Sell Russian Faberge eggs

    Height w/o ring 21,5 mm (13/16 in.)

    It is a choice example of Faberge design and craftsmanship.

     Faberge jeweled rhodonite egg

    Faberge Rhodonite Egg


    carl faberge jewelry for sale miniature guilloche enamel egg pendant charm
    Faberge Three Color Guilloche Enamel
    Vintage Miniature Egg Pendant



    Marked with assayer's initials of Yakov Liapunov,


    Antique Russian Imperial Jewelry for sale, Faberge guilloche enamel gold egg pendant
    Faberge Lilac Guilloche Enamel Gold
    Egg Pendant


    Faberge cross pendant
    Faberge Cross pendant

    56 zolotniks Russian Imperial gold standard (14K/583 gold), and workmaster's initials of

    August Hollming

    (a six pointed star between 'A' and 'H')


    Faberge cuff links antique Russian Imperial
    Faberge Cufflinks Imperial Russian







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