Large Russian Imperial Porcelain Egg
    Large Imperial golden eagle egg
    Russian Imperial Easter Egg


    Empress Maria Feodorovna Porcelain Egg
    Empress Maria Feodorovna
    Large porcelain Easter egg


    Faberge antique carved hardstone eggs for sale
    Empress Maria Feodorovna
    Carl Faberge hardstone miniature eggs


     Antique Russian Jewelry Miniature Egg Pendant by Faberge

    Faberge Art Nouveau gold and enamel brooch pin for sale
    Faberge Lily of The Valley
    Art Nouveau gold & enamel brooch

    Faberge gold and enamel cufflinks by Andre Adler
    Antique gold and enamel cuff links
    by Faberge

    Antique Faberge Gold Egg Pendant c. 1890
    Faberge jeweled gold egg charm









    Faberge gold nugget egg pendant
    Faberge gold nugget
    antique miniature egg pendant



    Faberge Two-Color Egg Pendant
    Faberge two-color enamel egg pendant


    Faberge Bracelet
    Antique Faberge enamel and diamond bracelet




    Antique Faberge Bowenite and Gold Pendant 1880s
    Faberge bowenite egg


    Antique Faberge gold red guilloche enamel and diamond charm pendant in the form of a mushroom, Antique charms for sale
    Faberge red guilloche enamel
    antique mushroom charm



    Antique Faberge jewelled blue guilloche enamel and pearls Lily of the Valley locket
    Faberge lily of the valley



    Antique Faberge Guilloche Enamel Locket
    Faberge guilloche enamel
    antique locket





    Russian Imperial pin by Faberge
    Faberge Imperial stickpin
    with cipher of the Hermitage



    Faberge British Flag Egg Pendant

    Faberge British flag
    egg pendant



    Antique Carl Faberge moss agate brooch pin for sale
    Antique gold and moss agate brooch
    by Faberge, Henrik Wigstrom



    Faberge gem-set gold mounted pill box by Michael Perchin
    Antique ruby, diamond, gold and enamel box
    by Faberge, Michael Perchin



    Peter Carl Faberge novelty egg pendant for sale
    Novelty Egg Pendant
    by Peter Carl Faberge



    Original vintage Carl Faberge miniature gold and enamel egg charm pendant by Erik Kollin for sale
    Faberge Russian Revival Enameled Gold Egg



    flaming heart antique fancy colored diamond brooch pendant by Carl Faberge for sale
    Flaming Heart
    Faberge pendant / brooch


    Carl Faberge vintage guilloche enamel daisy locket pendant for sale
    Carl Faberge
    Daisy Locket Pendant



    Carl Faberge miniature red enamel antique  jeweled egg pendant for sale
    Eternity Miniature Egg Pendant
    by Carl Faberge




    Antique gold, guilloche enamel and old brilliant cut diamond egg pendant charm by Carl Faberge
    Peter Carl Faberge Egg Pendant
    antique guilloche enamel and diamond charm



    Carved Siberian lapis lazuli Russian egg pendant for sale
    Siberian Lapis Lazuli Egg Pendant




    carl faberge jewelry for sale miniature guilloche enamel egg pendant charm
    Faberge three color guilloche enamel
    vintage miniature egg pendant 


    Faberge Gold Mounted Guilloche Enamel Flask
    Faberge antique guilloche scent flask


    Empress Alexandra Feodorovna Egg 1915
    Empress Alexandra Imperial porcelain egg
    Easter 1915




    Antique Russian Imperial Presentation Easter Egg with cipher of Grand Duke Pavel
    Grand Duke Paul Alexandrovich
    Imperial Presentation Porcelain Easter Egg 



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