Antique Russian Medieval style 2 ct diamond Men's Gold Ring for sale

    A Very Fine Antique Men's Gold Ring in Medieval Russian Style

     made in Moscow between 1908 and 1917

    56 zolotniks gold (14K-583), one Old European cut brilliant diamond

    medieval style antique gold mens rings for sale

    antique diamond and gold ring for man

    Above, is a Kievan Rus (Russia) 11th-12th century gold and enamel jewel with a pair of birds looking at each other and a stylized flower between them.

    The design came to Russia from the Byzantine Empire, which heavily influenced early Russian art.

    In the 1910s, Moscow jewelers produced a number of objects in Russo-Byzantine medieval style. Such pieces were made in very small numbers and are extremely rare today.

    antique men's jewelry for sale

    The color of the gold ring is whitish-yellow. It is the color of early Russian medieval gold which had a high silver content.

    The ring is marked with Moscow assay stamp and workmaster's initials ' CH.'

    The ring comes with original burgundy leather case of the Khlebnikov jewelry firm, one of the biggest jewelers in the Russian Empire.

    I.P.Khlebnikov with Sons and Co.

    in Moscow

    Russian Imperial rings, Antique 2 Ct Diamond and Gold Men's Ring for Sale

    Mens diamond gold ring sale


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    Antique Russian Diamond and Gold Rings, Imperial Romanov Era Men's Jewelry for Sale on RomanovRussia.com




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